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Bear River Band Child Support Services

Bear River Band Child Support Services (BRBCSS) is a Tribal IV-D child support agency being developed within the Bear River Band Tribal Court. The BRBCSS will operate under the same Code of Federal Regulations as any state child support agency. Currently, the BRBCSS is entering the last year of the development phase. BRBCSS will start accepting petitions for new cases and requests for transfers in Early 2023. Anyone who is a Bear River Band Tribal Member or resides on Bear River Lands, and has an existing Child Support Case open with any other jurisdiction will be able to transfer their cases to BRBCSS.

Crystal Bowman
Child Support Program Manager 

707-733-1900 Ext.1017

Direct Line : 707-532-0232

Cell phone: 707-617-0107

What are the benefits of BRBCSS over other child support jurisdictions?


  • Better Access - BRBCSS will allow clients more access to agency personnel throughout the life of their case. Clients will be able to communicate with agency staff on a regular basis. BRBCSS will strive to communicate to clients in a timely matter if there is a change in their situation.

  • In-Kind payments - In-Kind payments are non-monetary resources given to the custodial parent to provide for the child named in the case, or for the household. In-Kind payments are items such as wood, fish, deer meat, clothing, school supplies, regalia, and any such items which contribute to the development of the child.

  • Case Management - Clients will be able to communicate with the Court if their living situation and financial needs change and will have the opportunity to have these situations taken into consideration.

  • Sovereignty- The BRBCSS Program and Tribal Court provides a legislative structure for members to be governed by their own Tribal Government. This ensures the community is being served in a way that upholds Traditional Values.

  • Modifications- For cases in which BRBCSS has continuing jurisdiction, it will be easier and faster to request a hearing for a modification, if the financial situation of the parties named in the case change.


BRBCSS is here to serve the families of our community by providing accessible services to Bear River Families and those in our service area.

If you would like to have additional information email us at: to schedule a time to speak with our staff and answer any further questions you may have. We encourage community input as we develop the BRBCSS.

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