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Our Responsibilities: 

Tribal Budgets, Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll,

Per Capita Distribution

Allen Rode
Interim Finance Director

707-733-1900 Ext. 1206


Jadene Reynolds
Government Accountant

707-733-1900 Ext.1302


Hector Sandoval
Payroll/General Ledger Accountant

707-733-1900 Ext. 1360


Peggy Dadivongsone
Account Specialist 

707-733-1900 Ext.1170


Luckky Fergison
Accounting Specialist

707-733-1900 Ext.1211


Kathleen Tannehill
Account Payable Analyst

707-733-1900 Ext.1235


Aaron McKinney
Procurement Officer

707-733-1900 Ext.1238


Frances Donald
Procurement Assistant

707-733-1900 Ext.1163


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